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Digital Inventory and Collateral Management

Digital Inventory, Physical Deliveries & Collateral Management

Our purpose is to bring the benefits of digitalisation to commodities markets. Using the experience gained through working with the world’s leading commodity exchanges and start-ups, plus our enterprise agile software skills, we provide flexible, fast-to-market technology solutions for our clients powered by our modular software Sentinel.

Sentinel-based solutions help businesses involved in the management, financing and settlement of physical commodities, to optimise risk and drive down operating costs, through digitally transforming key processes.  Using a open architecture suite of application components, Sentinel helps transform a multitude of business processes from the registering of assets using warehouse receipts, warrants or certificates, to the transfer of title which connects producers, storage companies, commodity owners, brokers and financing banks.  It has four central applications…

Digital inventory

Digitalising title transfer and depository management for physical commodities on and off exchange

Rent and grading

Bringing digital transformation to the manual processes surrounding physical delivery of commodities

Financing & collateralisation

Unlocks value in physical commodities for short term loans, repos and other structured financing

Physical Delivery & Settlement

Our comprehensive physical deliveries engine is easily integrated with clearing platforms and automates allocation, banking and adjustments

How Sentinel is powering LMEshield

client lme

Sentinel supports and enables lending against off warrant goods through the efficient secure creation of encrypted electronic receipts.  By immobilising paper Sentinel reduces the risk of fraud on financed material.  LME use this solution under the name LMEshield.  

Serving the commodities community for over 10 years