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Helping you on your Digital Transformation journey

We provide flexible, agile and fast-to-market solutions for our clients using our proven pre-built software or by custom development using agile techniques for unique situations.

Our solutions help FCMs looking to streamline back office processes, enable post-trade listed derivatives data to be trusted, bring trusted inventory to commodity exchange warehouses and allow the digitalisation and the custody of assets for exchanges, banks and brokerages.

Using an open architecture suite of dynamic application components, our clients use our technology to transform their business processes from paper to digital, connecting producers, storage companies, commodity owners, brokers and financing banks. We provide trust-enhancing solutions in three ways …

Reconciliations and data control

Designed by operations industry practitioners and data quality experts, our cloud-delivered reconciliation solution offers a competitive recs and data control solution for FCMs and brokers which puts the business back in control of creating new reconciliations and significantly reduces ‘time-to-rec’ across listed derivatives and OTC books.

Agile software development

We develop custom software for many of our clients using agile techniques and modern technologies, building trusted relationships which last for years.

Commodities custody and inventory solutions

Whether you’re launching new physical commodities contracts or looking to streamline the many processes around managing custody of assets and their digital representation, our cloud-based custody, inventory and settlement solutions help automate all the processes, from registering of goods using warehouse receipts and warrants to the transfer of title and financial settlement, connecting producers, storage companies, commodity owners, brokers and financing banks.

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