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About Kynetix

Our vision, our values and our approach

Relentless increase in global population is creating pressure on world resources. In some places as much as a third of all agricultural output rots in storage before it can be traded, with major impact on the economy and societies.

Our vision

We envision a world in which all parts of the commodities ecosystem can harness technology to reduce waste, corruption and inefficiency for the widest possible societal and economic benefit.

Our values

We believe in doing business honestly, fairly and transparently. It is these beliefs that underpin Sentinel, a system that enables all players in the ecosystem to benefit from increased visibility, security and efficiency.

Our approach

Our pricing models reflect our values and are designed to be ‘win-win’ so that we share risk and reward honestly, fairly and transparently with our clients and partners maximising ROI for all parties.

The industry experts

Our software is built by experts with more than 10 years’ experience of providing physical delivery solutions to the world’s leading commodities exchanges.

Acceleration with customisation

Everything we do is modular, scalable and API-led for compatibility and speed. We accelerate implementation to the last mile and then customise the final solution.

Our mission

Our aim is to be the most respected providers of agile, competitive solutions for the commodities exchange market.

Over 10 years' expertise

Providing visibility, security and efficiency

Kynetix Consulting, founded in 2008 is a firm of commodity industry experts providing software for commodity exchanges, storage companies and trading enterprises.

Our purpose is to bring the benefits of digitisation to the commodities exchange market. In partnership with LME and the ICE we have developed a series of market renowned software solutions, most notably, LMEsword, LMEshield and ICE Guardian.

We’ve worked across the physical commodities market to solve strategic challenges such as:

Target Operating Model definition

Design of new commodity contracts

Market consultation, market research and feasibility studies

Liaising and assisting legal definition and opinion

Business case and strategy, cost justification and ROI

Programme initiation, project delivery


For Commodites Exchanges

Automating processes, driving down cost
Agricultural Commodities

For Storage and Logistics

Winning and keeping high quality business
Indian spices

For Trading Enterprises

Optimising risk and capital efficiency

How Sentinel is powering LMEshield

client lme

Sentinel supports and enables lending against off warrant goods through the efficient secure creation of encrypted electronic receipts.  By immobilising paper Sentinel reduces the risk of fraud on financed material.  LME use this solution under the name LMEshield.  

Serving the commodities community for over 10 years