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Kynetix provides...

Visibility, security and efficiency for the physical commodities market

Kynetix has worked with the world’s leading commodities exchanges developing a series of market renowned software solutions. These have been refined in over 10 years of operation are now available as a single modular solution…

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Sentinel digital inventory, physical deliveries & collateral management

Sentinel helps businesses involved in the management, financing and settlement of physical commodities, optimise risk and drive down operating costs, through the digital transformation of key processes. It supports a multitude of business processes from the registering of assets using warehouse receipts, warrants or certificates, to the transfer of title which connects producers, storage companies, commodity owners, brokers and financing banks. It has four core applications…

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Commodities exchanges

Kynetix Consulting

Kynetix Consulting helps the world’s leading commodities markets launch new products, drive liquidity and integrate distributed ledger and blockchain technology into their operating model to increase market share and exceed shareholder returns.

Technology and the future

Technology continues to evolve and advance. In 2016 we were at the forefront of Distributed Ledger Technology when we integrated blockchain into our core offering.  We continue to provide unbiased technology advice based on business value, risk and suitability.

How we work

If a need can be met with a pre-built module of Sentinel then that is always the most cost effective, rapid solution.  When bespoke software is needed, our consulting team will work closely to understand the requirement, create the right solution and work side by side with clients’ in-house specialists to implement and integrate with existing technology.  We go through a three stage process of discover, design and deliver…


Short focused engagements to understand need and business goals resulting in recommendations and way forward


We design or configure a solution based on your workflows, business processes and future needs


Engineering and delivery teams use agile methods to deliver and integrate the solution providing full implementation assistance