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Kynetix delivers...

Trusted digital transformation for commodities and capital markets

Software developed by Kynetix underpins some of the world’s leading physical commodities exchanges, managing commodities inventory and warrants, depository, grading and rent as well as processing physical deliveries, settlement and payments.

Our solutions are used by futures brokers, FCMs and banks to provide critical post-trade business control and reporting, reducing inefficiency and ensuring compliance.

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Reconciliations for listed derivatives
Specialist reconciliations software for derivatives reconciliations

Feature: Reconciliations for listed derivatives, FX and OTC business

HelloZero is a cloud-based ETD reconciliations platform that’s been built with actual users in mind.  There’s no need to rely on your busy technology team (or us!) to set up new recs and controls, as all your counterparty data is collected, cleaned and standardised automatically. We already manage most clearing houses and exchanges’ data formats as well as dozens of brokers and other counterparties.

You control the reconciliation process and exceptions are tracked speedily and securely.

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Bespoke commodities software
Bespoke commodities software

Agile software development

Our expert teams of skilled software engineers work with our clients to integrate our technology or to extend/adapt existing legacy platforms.

When your requirements cannot be met by our purpose-built software, we use agile software development techniques to create cost effective and flexible new solutions in short timescales

Blockchain DLT

The best of both worlds

We strive to constantly explore how new technology can best be applied for our clients’ benefit, using our deep market knowledge.

We always commit to providing unbiased technology advice based on business value, risk and suitability

How we work

When your requirements can be met using our standardised software, our commercial approach will ensure this is always the most cost effective, rapid solution.

If your situation is unique, our global engineering and delivery teams work closely to understand your needs, create the right solution and work side-by-side with your own in-house specialists to implement and integrate with existing technology.

We use our proven, standardised 3 stage process called Discover, Design and Deliver…


Short workshop-based engagements to understand your needs and business goals resulting in recommendations and an optimised way forward


We design or configure a solution based on your specific workflows, business processes and future needs


Our engineering and delivery teams use an agile approach to deliver and integrate your solution, providing full implementation assistance