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Further. Faster. Better.

All the tools you need for digitalising commodities in finance

Digitalising Inventory for exchanges and platforms

Across physical commodities markets, leaders are concerned about inefficient paper-based processes, high operational costs and the risk of fraud. Sentinel commodities software digitally transforms your key processes in the storage, financing and inventory of commodities, removing paper and reducing the risk of error and malpractice.

Our solution streamlines your commodities inventory processes and enables physical deliveries. It is a purpose-built modular software framework for digitally transforming key business processes, from the registering of commodities at warehouses, to the transfer of title and settlement, connecting producers, storage companies, commodity owners, brokers and financing banks.

Sentinel provides configurable functionality to solve for these core areas…

Digital commodities inventory

Digitalising title transfer and depository management for physical commodities, both on and off-exchange, rich inventory management

Physical Delivery & Settlement

Our flexible open software modules comprise all of the functions you need to create a physical deliveries solution for commodities or even equities and bonds. It has been successfully integrated with existing and new clearing platforms, automating allocation, banking and payments, and streamlining rent and quality adjustments

Financing & collateralisation

Our secure, web-based technology allows banks and owners to easily check and share inventory details to help unlock value in physical commodities via short term loans, repos and other structured financing

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Digital Inventory and Collateral Management

The reason businesses choose Sentinel

Further. Faster. Better.

Sentinel enables you to digitally transform faster and more flexibly than in-house builds
with a finished solution that's better than if you'd built it yourself...


Our configurable, modular, technology uses pre-built commodities business functions to accelerate your solution


Rapid integration is enabled with ‘API-first’ architecture for maximum value and future business agility


Purpose-built software with scope for ‘last mile’ customisation means our clients can focus on their own unique requirements

Shared risk pricing

Being cloud-based means extremely fast product launch timescales with competitive pricing, including extended free trial periods for qualifying organisations. Contact us to find out more.

Results that Sentinel delivers...

Streamlines handling of physical commodities during storage and delivery, reducing the complexity and risk associated with physical deliveries

Multiple layers of security for title management and certification reduce incidence of fraudulent or fake receipting of financed material

Permission-based access to a centralised digital register reduces administrative burden, time and human error associated with paper-based systems

Secure compliant receipting of warehoused commodities and access to a single digital inventory enables faster decision making by financing banks

Our extensible, customisable framework reduces build and deploy time associated with the launch of new contracts and products

Commercial losses associated with rent defaults and non-payment are significantly reduced through automated rent management and invoicing

Title transfers and pledges are fully traceable and auditable through the permission-based digital inventory providing accountability and visibility

Secure encrypted management of depository and certification removes delays and speeds up access to financing for warehoused commodities

Documentation, processes and workflows are standardised speeding up transfer, delivery and settlement

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Why users prefer Sentinel

Our team’s deep subject matter expertise comes from having designed and delivered leading commodities platforms. Experience is everything, so we’ve designed our Sentinel technology to cater for your future

Highly configurable

The only thing that’s certain in business is change. Sentinel is designed adapt with your business over time including supporting adding new products and changing workflows

User friendly

On-boarding is simple and intuitive screens are easy to follow and use.

Sentinel has all the things you’d expect of purpose-built software, including comprehensive audit and multiple language support including Chinese


Comprehensive security access and permissions ensure secure account segregation to meet compliance requirements. All actions are audited, with key transactions supported with 2-factor authentication to minimise fraud and human error