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Class leading exception management and data control for Exchange Traded Derivatives

The Challenge: Excess workload

Reconciliation is an essential control function within your Futures & Options back office. If your team doesn’t have the right tools to find breaks, they are hampered and spend too much time addressing exceptions and compliance reporting. This leads to inefficient working with duplicated effort, manual intervention and additional cost.
Our specialised exception handling software for futures brokers applies the power of the cloud to reducing workload, enabling your team to concentrate on the value add aspects of their work.

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Exchange traded derivatives reconciliations

Warning signs: Compliance alerts

Problems can occur when your compliance team start raising alerts on the exception management process or regulatory reporting timeliness. Or perhaps your client service team’s workload starts to increase noticeably. With fast, accurate and traceable reporting and auditing, our proven platform satisfies even the toughest compliance officer!

derivatives reconciliations
Specialist reconciliations software for derivatives reconciliations

Your goal: A Trusted Single Source

Having a single source of essential business data such as instruments has long been the goal of many financial institutions. Without this, having the tools to prevent missing data bringing entire processes to a premature end is vital.

Our software takes missing data in its stride and allows your business workflows to continue unimpeded, whilst auditing any breaks and driving out additional exceptions. Our dynamic master data model allows for unlimited definitions for say instruments ‘on the fly’, with no need for any data pre-handling.

Exchange traded derivatives reconciliations

Reliance on key personnel

If your exception handling, reconciliations and compliance reporting relies on key individuals, the cost of inefficiency can be huge. Our software, designed by practising finance professionals, enables the adoption of standardised, audited workflow processes in which effort can be directed at resolving breaks, finding missing trades and correcting misallocations.

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Our specialist derivatives reconciliations solution embodies all the hard won experience you need for derivatives recs including F&O, FX, LME and complex enegry trades


Available quickly via the cloud, we already handle 90% of exchange, counterparty and broker formats and data sources, leaving your team free to focus on finding and fixing exceptions


Based on the 80/20 rule, our specialist software has scope for ‘last mile’ customisation meaning our clients can focus on their own unique requirements, delivering the best of both worlds


Our commercial model is economically viable for organisations of any size, scaling up and down based on the value-add to your firm, working well for FCMs, banks and brokerages

Exchange Traded Derivatives reconciliations solved...

A single global solution which performs exception-based reconciliations, ensures data quality control and delivers fast total equity reconciliations for futures and options businesses

Our scalable adapter model enables new counterparties and exchanges to be quickly connected and fully automated

Standardises multiple reconciliation types with a single operational model, allowing fewer skills to be required enabling you to need less people and manual effort

Reduce operational risk with greater visibility and control of your transactions by quickly revealing any discrepancies and exceptions, reducing your counterparty risk and market exposure

Dynamic data match rules configured in templates enable sophisticated reconciliations to be set up by end users

Supports intra-day matching and reconciliations for multiple asset classes including any-to-any recs, helping to manage intra-day liquidity and ensuring compliance

Automatically handles non-standard trade types such as Option Exercises, expirations etc

Easily manage static data from multiple sources with different codes, tick values etc

Easily and securely create counter-trades and adjustments with full audit trail

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