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Kynetix Labs

We believe that advances in technology represent untapped opportunities for enhancing business. Our clients work with us as partners to understand how new and emerging technologies can be applied to their situation, to bring them specific business advantage or to solve a unique challenge.

Our core value of innovation drives our investment in skills, learning and collaborative trials. Our teams’ endless curiosity powers the discovery of new applications and opportunities.

Some of our recent projects have included applying shared ledger technology to commodities in storage , exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) on huge volumes of post-trade data, applying DevOps principles and toolsets to our own cloud-deployed solutions and using Internet of Things (IoT) to deliver trust in commodity warehousing.


Current experiments

Solving a simple challenge in base metals with a common set of facts

The technology challenge with blockchain is not the core problem. There are enough DLT proof-of-concepts to show that technology is no longer the issue.

Now it’s about addressing the non-technology hurdles such as competitors & cooperation, the risks of transparency, governance and whether a central trusted authority is needed.

Reducing operational risk in derivatives with AI

What if it was possible to apply artificial intelligence to an entire market’s transactions and positions over time…

Increasing trust with Internet of Things

Increasing the ‘trust quotient’, by creating a physical commodity surveillance solution which uses real-time IoT sensors to link specific digital paper with the underlying parcel of commodities, addressing the ‘missing link’