Digital Commodity Warehouse Receipts now available

Digital Inventory and Collateral Management

Kynetix, the leading provider of software solutions which connect the financial
markets to the physical economy are pleased to announce that their modular
commodities software is now available online as a subscription service.

Sentinel is a flexible, ready-to-use software solution which helps organisations like
commodity exchanges and warehousing companies securely move away from paper
and towards robust, automated processing of their inventory management, trade
financing and physical deliveries and settlements.
With an API-first architecture and a smart UX, Sentinel provides a rapidly deployable,
cost effective solution for businesses involved in the management, financing and
settlement of physical commodities, by optimizing risk and driving down operating
Sentinel supports a multitude of business processes from the registering of assets
using warehouse receipts, warrants or certificates, to the transfer of title and payments,
connecting producers, warehouse companies, commodity owners, brokers and
financing banks.”
CEO Matt Dolton commented, “With our strategic direction now firmly focused on
transforming commodities markets, we believe that the time has come for paper
receipts to be digitised. We recognise the challenges this presents and have worked
hard to provide an online platform which can be used to move from paper to digital”