Kynetix talks about Blockchain / DLT in a QA with CTRMCenter

At Kynetix we have a simple objective: we want to bring total trust to the commodity markets.

Given all the hype around DLT we set out our stall on a) why any new technology, not just DLT, is important to us at Kynetix and b) more specifically why DLT is interesting to us.

Our 20 years of service to the commodity markets have given us unique insights across our customer base, a distributed customer base if you like, which very much aligns itself with the distributed nature of the technology. The tricky part is getting alignment of interest across this community.

Ledgers, depending on what is in them, can be very interesting things. Ultimately, it is all about the data and the structure and access to that data. Different business models will emerge and hopefully some of the frictional costs of trade can be reduced. But it must be stressed, DLT is a noun, not a verb! It is still up to the industry and practitioners to act on the new technology. Vehicles are a critical component of any supply chain, but unless that vehicle is operated, either by a person or driverless technology, a vehicle is just an idle fixed asset. So too with DLTs, unless the ledger has an operating governance model, it is just a ledger.

Click here to read Scott’s QA with CTRMCenter and we hope you enjoy the conversation. As ever, for more clarification on any of the points mentioned please don’t hesitate to contact us.